Nonprofits Near Yardley, PA That Are Making a Difference

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Whether or not you live in our apartments in Yardley, PA, you probably already know there’s something special about our community. Neighbors help neighbors and always have a kind word or smile. If you’re new in town, you may wonder how to best lend your support. Therefore, we have rounded up three amazing charitable organizations in Yardly, PA that could always use some help!

Makefield Women’s Association

The Makefield Women’s Association (M.W.A.) brings a diverse collective of women who drive change for the community. They provide services and raise funds for individuals in need. The center also support humanitarian programs locally and beyond.¬†Originally, MWA was known as the Yardley Makefield Jaycees Auxiliary. However, the group became a separate organization when the National Jaycees finally opened their membership to women, dissolving all Jaycee auxiliaries. To find out how to support the MWA, please look up the MWA and explore volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Match.

Zubaida Foundation

Additionally, local hero Syed Murtuza, aka Murtuza Uncle, founded the Zubaida Foundation. The foundation hosts many charity events benefiting community organizations. Notably, one of the most helpful services provided by the Zubaida Foundation is the soup kitchen. The soup kitchen serves the community at three locations. Additionally, The foundation also raises funds for a high school scholarship. To find out how to support the Zubaida Foundation, please visit

AOY Art Center

Lastly, is the AOY Art Center. Artists of Yardley (AOY), founded in 2004, offered opportunities to collaborate, share, and teach future artists. AOY later expanded to the AOY Art Center, allowing them to better serve the community. The CAPS program provides creative direction and instruction to children. The organization offers fun times, shows, and educational programs for the public. To find out how to support AOY Art Center, please visit

These are just three of the best nonprofits in Yardley, PA. They are just a few examples of how strong our community can be. Please contact us to learn more about community resources. And follow our blog to stay up to date with activities around Polo Run.

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